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Welcome to Laboratory of Ultrafast Spectroscopy / Laboratoire de spectroscopie ultrarapide (LSU)

The activities of our laboratory aim at a detailed description of photo-induced processes in the molecular condensed phase (liquid, solid and proteins) and in metallic and semiconductor nanostructured materials. A central approach of our group is the visualization in “real time” of the processes by means of ultrafast laser spectroscopy.
The physical phenomena we investigate include: solvation dynamics in polar media, at interfaces and within proteins, structural changes in the chromophores and the medium (be it a solvent or a protein) and the influence of local electric fields on their spectral and dynamical features. We also study the ultrafast dynamics of charge carriers in semiconductor and metallic nanostructures of different shapes and sizes.
The experimental tools we use are ultrafast picosecond and femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy, ultrafast fluorescence up-conversion spectroscopy, photon-echo spectroscopy. We have also developed novel optical laser pump-X-ray probe techniques using picosecond and femtosecond hard X-ray pulses from a synchrotron.

LSU News

ISUS 2018, November 28-30, 2018, Lausanne

Confirmed invited speakers :

J. Dubochet (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland) 2017 Chemistry Nobel Laureate
E. Baldini (MIT, Boston, USA)
C. Bressler (European XFEL, Hamburg, Germany)
F. Carbone (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
C. Daniel (University of Strasbourg, France)
Th. Elsaesser (MBI, Berlin, Germany)
T. Feurer (University of Bern, Switzerland)
S. Haacke (University of Strasbourg, France)
J. Helbing (University of Zürich, Switzerland)
J. Hynes (University of Colorado-Boulder, USA and Ecole Normale Supérieure, France)
J. Marangos (Imperial College London, UK)
Ch. Milne (PSI, Villigen, Switzerland)
S. Mukamel (University of California, Irvine, USA)
M. Murnane (University of Colorado-Boulder, USA)
L. Patthey (PSI, Villigen, Switzerland)
T. Penfold (Newcastle University, UK)
A. Rubio (Max-Planck-Institute, Hamburg, Germany)
A. Stolow (University of Ottawa, Canada)
M. Wolf (Fritz-Haber-Institute, Berlin, Germany)

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October 2018

July 2018

Edoardo Baldini, Tania Palmieri, Adriel Dominiguez,  Pascal Ruello, Angel Rubio, Majed Chergui.

“Phonon-Driven Selective Modulation of Exciton   Oscillator Strengths in Anatase TiO2 Nanoparticles”

 Nano Lett., Article ASAP​​​​​​​

DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.8b01837

  • Benjamin Bauer, Tania Palmieri and Thomas Rossi presented their research as oral talks at the Ultrafast Phenomena 2018 Conference in Hamburg. Congratulations!

June 2018

Roberto Monni, Gloria Capano, Gerald Auböck, Harry B. Gray, Antonín Vlcek, Ivano Tavernelli, Majed Chergui.

“Vibrational coherence transfer in the ultrafast intersystem crossing of a di-platinum complex in solution.”

 PNAS 25 June 2018. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1719899115

  • New publication in PRL, also highlighted on the SB news:

Simon P. Neville, Majed Chergui, Albert Stolow, Michael S. Schuurman.                    “Ultrafast X-ray spectroscopy of conical intersections”

  Physical Review Letters 120, 12 June 2018.

April 2018

  • Welcome to LSU to the new postdoc Jeremie Ruxel and the master student Kevin Jablonka!

February 2018

  • Our X-ray study of hole trapping in ZnO is published in Nature Communication! Read the press on SB news:Thomas J. Penfold, Jakub Szlachetko, Fabio G. Santomauro, Alexander Britz, Wojciech Gawelda, Gilles Doumy, Anne Marie March, Stephen H. Southworth, Jochen Rittmann, Rafael Abela, Majed Chergui & Christopher J. Milne.

    “Revealing hole trapping in zinc oxide nanoparticles by time-resolved X-ray spectroscopy”

    Nature Communications 02 February 2018.

January 2018

  • In TiO2, electron cooling in the conduction band occurs in less than 50 fs! Read our new article published on ACS Photonicsand highlighted on EPFL SB news:

Edoardo Baldini, Tania Palmieri, Enrico Pomarico, Gerald Auböck, and Majed Chergui

“Clocking the Ultrafast Electron Cooling in Anatase Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles.”

ACS Photonics 11January 2018.

November 2017

  • Majed Chergui is the keynote speaker of the 78th “Sir Jesse Boot Lecture” at the University of Nottingham, where he will talk about “Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics in Solution: Optical and X-ray studies”.

October 2017

  • Thomas Rossi is awarded the Teaching Awards by the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Section for his assistantship in the course “Molecular Physics”. Congratulations Thomas!

September 2017

  • Majed Chergui is giving an Inaugural Visionary Lecture at the OSA Frontiers in Optics and Laser Science meeting (Washington DC, September 2017).

August 2017

  • A new method for probing interfacial electron injection is published in JACS and featured in the EPFL SB newsand on

Edoardo Baldini, Tania Palmieri, Thomas Rossi,  Oppermann, Enrico Pomarico, Gerald Auböck, and Majed Chergui

“Interfacial Electron Injection Probed by a Substrate-Specific Excitonic Signature.”

JACS, web publication on August 1, 2017. 

July 2017

E. Baldini, A. Dominguez, L. Chiodo, E. Sheveleva, M. Yazdi-Rizi, C. Bernhard, A. Rubio, and M. Chergui.

“Anomalous anisotropic exciton temperature dependence in rutile TiO2.”

Physical Review B 96, 2017.

June 2017

May 2017

  • This month’s issue of CHIMIA is entirely dedicated to LACUS and features a collection of articles presenting the capabilities of this facility, incuding our Harmonium and LOUVRE laboratories.

April 2017

E. Baldini, L. Chiodo, A. Dominguez, M. Palummo, S. Moser, M. Yazdi-Rizi, G. Auböck, B.P.P. Mallett, H. Berger, A. Magrez, C. Bernhard, M. Grioni, A. Rubio, M. Chergui.

“Strongly bound excitons in anatase TiO2 single crystals and nanoparticles.”

Nature Communications 8(13), 2017.

January 2017

  • Congratulation to Dr. Fabio Santomauro for the public thesis defense.

Fabio G. Santomauro, Jakob Grilj, Lars Mewes, Georgian Nedelcu, Sergii YakuninThomas Rossiet al.

“Localized holes and delocalized electrons in photoexcited inorganic perovskites: Watching each atomic actor by picosecond X-ray absorption spectroscopy.”

Structural Dynamics 4, 2017.

  • Congratulation to Dr. Edoardo Baldini for your public PhD thesis defense!

December 2016

November 2016

  • Tania Palmieri is awarded the 1st prize for the “Flash Presentation” at the EPFL Photonics Day, for presenting the poster “Ultrafast exciton dynamics in CH3NH3PbBr3 single crystals” in 180 seconds. Well done!